With decades of experience between us, we develop and scan C41, E6 and black & white film. We’re here to help you get properly processed film, with scans and prints you’ll love.

We believe film photography has something that makes it special, and set apart from digital capture, and we hope to help it’s continuation by doing a great job for all of you out there who share our passion.

Whether you are a first time film user or have decades of experience, we’re here to handle your film carefully and efficiently and to help keep you shooting.


Receive your processed film, prints or scans in days


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Developing, scanning & sharing with the same care you take creating your images

We use a collection of equipment that has been selected and refined through 30 years of experience in the photo lab trade to give consistent high quality results, and we’re constantly monitoring our kit to keep it on top form, and are always looking for new ways to improve the service through tweaks to existing machines or buying more.

National and International film developing service by post

Based in Brighton, England, we serve customers from all over the UK and Europe, and have had film sent to us from as far as Western Australia, so wherever you are it’s not a problem to use our services.

We do also welcome visitors, and Brighton is a fun city to visit and shoot, so call and let us know if you plan to stop by!