Complete your order, package your film, post or drop off

Once you’ve completed your order and your preferences are set, either print out the finished order page or invoice to send with your film, or as a minimum, put a note with the order number with your film.

This is essential so we can marry up your package when it arrives with the services you have ordered and paid for! Feel free to add any notes that me be relevant to your order, such as special handling needed etc.

Post or drop through our letterbox to:
The Brighton Film Lab
123 St James’s St

Do please package your rolls up securely.

It’s heartbreaking when we have to contact customers to say rolls have been damaged or have disappeared from thin, paper  envelope packages.

A minimum is to use a padded ‘Jiffy’ style envelope, preferably with the films in a resealable bag inside that. You can re-use existing ones (if they’re in good shape), or go for non bubble wrap green types to minimise plastic waste if you like.

For extra safety and larger orders we’d recommend a nice strong cardboard box. You should use bubble wrap, scrunched up waste paper or similar to stop them rattling around.

Send from the post office or via courier

This means two important things:

Firstly that you can use the Signed For or Special Delivery options which definitely help safe arrival. And in the case of Special Delivery, you have the option of compensation should the worst happen and they are lost in transit.

Secondly it means you don’t have to try to guess the postage and stick stamps on at home and post (this does happen). This usually ends with us receiving an ‘insufficient postage’ note, and once paid, a 2 –3 week wait for the package to show up.

For large orders, for extra tracking security or from abroad, a trackable courier service such as TNT, DPD or FedEx is a good idea. These are all easily ordered via third party sites for home collection.